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Location: Yonkers, NY
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $250,000.00 - $255,000.00
Degree: Medical Doctor;
Date: 7/12/2018
Job ID: 02587035
Job Description


Provide psychiatric services and care to the agency’s clients, including provision of a full behavioral health (including health) assessment; diagnosis; treatment recommendations; treatment planning; treatment; and follow up planning.
The practitioner also provides clinical consultation to agency non-medical staff, is the signature of record for all treatment planning, and participates in the learning environment of the program. 
Welcoming and inspiring care is provided in collaboration with clients using a recovery-based lens and is person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally competent, outcomes driven.


  • Provide health/behavioral health assessment (including differential diagnoses, prognosis), treatment recommendations and treatment planning for clients across program types.

  • Provide medication management for clients on medication and intermittent reassessment (as needed) for those assessed (but not on medication).Medication provision includes the direct delivery of injectable.

  • Provide counseling, brief therapy, psychoeducation about health/behavioral health and other care for clients as planned by the treatment team and to support the treatment plan for the client.In most cases, psychotherapy is provided by other clinicians.On occasion, when in the best interest of the client and when consistent with program staffing, these services are also provided by the Psychiatrist.

  • Participate in case reviews and sign treatment plan reviews for all program clients

  • Provide consultations to non-medical staff on complex cases

  • Communicate with health care providers outside of the agency and interpretation of health results for client care planning.

  • Monitor client progress; recommend discharge and aftercare planning.

  • Participate in practice improvement projects that benefit the clients and program.

  • PROS, Child Day Treatment, ACT and Prevention Community Programs, Child/Adolescent Residential and Adult I/DD Residential Programs have additional responsibilities.



  • A Medical degree with a license to practice in the State of New York including up to date status.

  • A current DEA registration for the prescribing of controlled substances.

  • Must have NYS OPRA (Ordering/Prescribing/Referring/Attending) status and a Health Commerce Account at the onset of employment.

  • The former is needed to prescribe to clients with Medicaid; the latter is needed to adhere to NYS I-STOP law.

  • Experience with children/adolescents is required and settings and language competency for the population served may also be required.

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