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Commercial Food Service Project Engineeer

Location: Butler, WI
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: 0 - $86,000.00
Degree: Bachelor; Bachelor of Science;
Date: 7/12/2018
Job ID: 02608463
Job Description
This full time, permanent Commercial Food Service Project Engineer opportunity is at a company that has doubled in size in the last seven years and has recently been named Manufacturer of the year.  Employees are highly valued here.  The company prides itself on producing superior quality products.  The company manufactures solely in the US and exports but does not import.  They have experienced four consecutive years of industry leading growth.    

The successful candidate must have a background in commercial food service manufacturing as well as a proficiency in DFSS (DOE, DFMEA, QFD/CPM, robust design, mathematical modeling, reliability analysis), FEA, or CFD.

The successful candidate's duties and responsibilities will encompass:
  • Responsible for creating design specifications (component, sub-system, and system specs which may require soliciting data from service, sales, and operations), concept analyses, benchmark reports, DFMEAs, technology assessments, test plans, mathematical design models, engineering reports, cost estimates, engineering project plans and other associated engineering knowledge deliverables.
  • -Responsible for developing design concepts and associated technologies through the following key duties:
  • -Concept generation, selection and stakeholder validation
  • -Modeling the mathematical relationships between key design factors and critical technical responses through theoretical and empirical methodology and analysis
  • -Analytically predict potential failures, designing for reliability, robustness and manufacturing
  • -Qualify the design performance, reliability, robustness and acceptance to regulatory standards through test plans and statistical analysis
  • -Effectively document and report key learning for a wide range of technical and non-technical recipients
  • -Must lead new product development process and take ownership of project schedule (includes plans for experimentation, qualification tests, field test units, lab builds, and pilot builds)
  • -Ensure the design of critical/long lead-time components progress without delaying the project schedule
  • -Collaborate with Electrical/Software engineers on product functions/interfaces
  • -Mediate the product design as the lead design engineer through guidance of the engineering and product team as needed.  Provide reporting for management and technical reviews.
  • -Assist test engineer with evaluating samples and oversee finished product testing standards
  • -Take direction from supervisor that may require doing whatever it takes to advance the development of the project

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