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Advanced Compliance Specialist - (02080016)

Min Salary: $80000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 8/22/2014
Degree: Bachelor Chem
Advanced Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Career Profile
Support and cooperation from co-workers. Possess knowledge in coordinating functional projects, from development to implementation while utilizing solid communication and interpersonal skills in working collaboratively with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Dynamic professional with a record of career progression due to the ability to learn quickly and multitask.  Proficient in eliciting and maximizing internals
     ? FIFRA/Pesticide Registration Specialist – maintain companywide End Use Product registration files with EPA, PMRA and Health Canada.  Prepare and submit amended CSFs & labels, GLP studies, DCI/RED responses, etc.
      ? Generate data for and file Pesticide Reports: Quarterly FIFRA 6(a)(2), Annual Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fees, Annual Establishment Production, Quarterly California Mill Assessments.
      ? FDA OTC & Cosmetic Product Maintenance – maintain Drug Establishment registrations as well as all Drug Listings via the FDA Gateway for over the counter products write labels per OTC regulations.
      ? FDA Facility Maintenance – assist with GMP and GLP compliance, conduct Annual Product Reviews, coordinate and manage training records, file and maintain compliance with Adverse Health Effects Reports, host to auditors while on company property.

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